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Arnold Schönberg & Jung-Wien
Therese Muxeneder

Included city map:
Arnold Schönberg in Vienna
Half linen, 300 pages
German/English, 68 illustrations
Vienna 2018
ISBN 978-3-902012-22-7


Generally speaking, the avant-garde movement known as Jung-Wien can be considered the collective nucleus of Viennese modernism, as the realms of the nerves, psyche, self, and dream were defined as their keywords in the literature. The Jung-Wien music, literature, architecture, and art scene is being examined initially from the perspective of the composer Arnold Schönberg.


1. Jung-Wien musicians and tone poets
The Jung-Wien tone poets | Richard Specht

2. Jung-Wien round table
Arnold Schönberg | Arthur Kahane

3. A “literary coffeehouse brawl”
A literary nocturne | Hans Liebstöckl

4. Jung-Wien theater and concerts
“Jung-Wiener Theater” | Felix Salten

5. A “metropolis of anti-Semitism”
We young Austrian-Jewish artists | Arnold Schönberg

6. Arnold Schönberg & Karl Kraus
Notes on Karl Kraus | Arnold Schönberg

7. Arnold Schönberg & Adolf Loos
On Adolf Loos | Arnold Schönberg
That is Arnold Schönberg! | Adolf Loos

8. Arnold Schönberg & Hermann Bahr
Young Austria | Hermann Bahr

9. A “Jung-Wiener” invents himself
New land, beyond every chalk mark | Paul Stefan
With Arnold Schönberg | Paul Wilhelm

Current exhibition at the Arnold Schoenberg Center in Vienna

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